Baby-friendly Multi-functional Syringe

A multi-functional feeding syringe designed just for your baby
Delivery Time: 3 - 4 days
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Struggling Feeding Medicine to babies

Susah hati nak beri ubat kepada bayi?  Bayi tercekak atua muntah bila alat suntikan biasa atau sudu digunakan?


Nipple-shaped syringe

Cuba gunakan alat suntikan yang berbentuk puting ini.


Prevent choking

Ubat akan disalurkan (secara Y-shape) ke pipi mulut bayi anda.  Oleh kerana ubat tidak ditujukan secara terus ke tekak bayi anda, kecekikkan boleh dielakkan. 


Made of silicone

Alat suntikan ini dibuat daripada material silicone yang berkualiti tinggi and ia BPA-free (bererti ia adalah selamat untuk digunakan oleh bayi).


Easily taken apart for disinfection

It senang dibuka dan dicuci.  Anda boleh membasmi kuman (disinfect) alat suntikan ini dengan pengukus (steamer) atau mendidih dalam air panas. Oleh kerana alat ini dibuat daripada silicone dan Polypropylene, ia tahan panas and tahan lasak.



Juice ideas

Anda juga boleh menggunakan alat ini untuk memberi jus buah-buahan, air, susu, dan sebagainya.


Are you having a hard time feeding medicine to your baby?

Have you accidentally choked your baby using regular syringe?

We have the right tool just for you!

With this special nipple-shaped syringe, you will have a much easier time administering medicine to your baby. Since the nipple is made of high quality food-grade silicone that's BPA-free, it's safe for your baby.

At the tip of the nipple, there are two tiny holes that are pointed sideways. When liquid is squirted out of the syringe, it does not hit the baby's throat directly. Instead, it will flow to the sides inside the baby's cheeks and it can be swallowed slowly by the baby.

The baby will feel less intimidated compared to using regular syringe. The nipple tip makes your baby feel like sucking milk out of a milk bottle.
Besides feeding medicine, you can also feed fruit juice, water, milk, or any other types of liquid using the baby-friendly syringe.
Since the nipple is made of high quality silicone and the rest of the syringe is made of Polypropylene (PP), you can put the parts into a steamer or boiling water for disinfection.  Please be assured that the material used is safe, durable, and heat-resistant.


Here's how to use the syringe:

1) Pour medicine into the measuring cup provided (up to 20ml).
2) Push the air out of the syringe.
3) Dip the nipple into the measuring cup and suck up the medicine.
4) Insert the nipple into the baby's mouth and he/she will naturally suck on it.
5) Slowly squirt the medicine out and let the baby swallow at his/her own pace.
6) If there is left-over medicine in the syringe, just suck up some water and feed the mixture of medicine and water to the baby.
7) If you don't plan on using the syringe for a while, you can remove the nipple from the syringe and disinfect all the parts of the syringe using boiling water or a steamer.


Product details:

Nipple: made of food-grade silicone.
The rest of the syringe (and also the measuring cup): made of Polypropylene (PP).
Size: 13 cm x 4.5 cm.
Included in the package: 1 syringe, 1 measuring cup.
Volume capacity for syringe: 10ml.
Volume capacity for measuring cup: 20ml.
Suitable Age: Babies between 0 to 5 years old.