Wearable Phone Holder

Now, you can use your phone no matter what you do.
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Have you ever wished for an extra pair of hands to hold your phone while you are cooking, washing dishes, taking care of your baby, lying on bed, etc?

We have a tool designed just for you!

You can now go about your daily chores while watching YouTube, browsing Facebook, or video-calling.

You can hang it around your neck, wrap it around your waist, use it as a selfie stick, or as a stand alone phone holder. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some examples of activities that you can perform with the help of the Wearable Phone Holder:

Watching YouTube videos while cooking in the kitchen:

Cooking while using phone 

Reading news while sipping on a cub of coffee:

Sipping coffee while using phone

Video-calling your friend while riding on a bicycle:

Riding bike while using phone

Taking selfie:

Use as selfie stick

Watching movies in the car:

Watching movie in car

Checking Facebook before going to bed:

check Facebook before bedtime

You can hang it on your neck or wrap it around your waist for the most comfortable viewing angle:

hang on neck or waist

Since the tube is flexible, you can fold it and place it into your handbag while traveling:

folded while travelling

The tube is 58 cm long when fully extended (used as a selfie stick). The phone holder is 12 cm long and it can be extended to 17cm. If your phone is between 12 xm and 17 cm, it should fit comfortably into the clamps of the phone holder:

product dimension

Most common smarts phones in Malaysia (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, etc) should fit nicely into the clamps:

suitable phone models

To attach the phone holder to the tube, you simply need to insert the ball into the socket at the back of the phone holder and tighten the nut:

simple installation 

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do that:

installation steps 

Loosen the nut when you are trying to find a suitable viewing angle. Once you found the best angle, just tighten the nut:

adjustable socket


Get your Wearable Phone Holder now while stock is still available.  You will be able to multi-task no matter what you do and it will make your life so much easier.